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Elegant Supreme Grupo started making bags in 1970 in Alicante, Valencia, which is a famous production base for leather goods in the world and provided production services to famous brands around the world. In 2003, Elegant Supreme Grupo moved its production to a newly built site in Guangzhou, China and established the Guangzhou Tora Mira Trading Co., Ltd., the Guangzhou Elegant Supreme Co., Ltd., and Hong Kong Elegant Supreme Ltd., Spain, Myanmar, Albania and Guangzhou Production Base. These centers enable Elegant Supreme Grupo to provide high-end OEM / ODM services to customers around the world. Elegant Supreme Grupo strives to meet current fashion trends by keeping up with up-to-date designs. It also endeavors to ensurecompetitiveness in the high-end market through controlling cost and quality. It aims at creating superior, beautiful products at reasonable prices.

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