About Elegant Supreme

● Company: Elegant Supreme Grupo.
● Vision: Become a leader in the bag manufacturing industry.
● Product: High-end women’s handbags, men’s bags, etc.
● Customer Base: Asia, Europe, America.

Corporate Culture

● Since the company was established, it has been committed to blending the essence of Chinese and Western culture.
● Create an atmosphere of sincerity, friendship, harmony, and excellence in the team.
   Life and work balance.
   Work hard, play hard.

Globalized Supply Chain and Services

● In keeping with times, Elegant Supreme Grupo has begun in 2014 to deploy a global supply and service strategy. Alongside its Guangzhou manufacturing center, new centers in Myanmar and Albania have been established, and its center in Spain modernized. Elegant Supreme Grupo is ready to work towards its role as an industry leader.

Professional Team

● Elegant Supreme Grupo's sales staff has many years of experience in handbags, and intricately understands customer needs and market conditions. Assisted by a rigorous team of testers, a QC team of the highest quality, and a responsible and timely shipping team, Elegant Supreme Grupo aims to provide the greatest benefits for its customers. 

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Tel: +86 20 6290 3830
Add: 10 Jinshi Avenue East, Shiling, Huadu, Guangzhou
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