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      Myanmar Factory Characteristics
    Government Policy
    The government of Myanmar strongly supports foreign investments, with imports of raw materials being entitled to tax concessions, thereby encouraging the development of new manufacturing.
    Cost Advantages
    Labor cost and fixed cost in Myanmar remain at relatively low levels, meeting the needs of customers in a competitive marketplace.
    Complete Industry Chain
    With the continuous development of manufacturing all over Southeast Asia, Myanmar has formed a relatively complete industry chain for handbag production. With the industry increasingly mature, customers of our Myanmar center can rely on stable production and timely delivery at low cost.
       Factory Profile
    ● Our manufacturing center in Myanmar was established in 2014 and is Elegant Supreme Grupo’s most advanced manufacturing center. The center employs more than 600 workers who serve nine production lines, and boasts a production capacity of up to 200,000 pieces per month. Its low cost and complete industry chain have made this facility the first choice for many of our customers.

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